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Award-winning journalist and writer who is never happier than

when strolling Cornwall's soaring cliffs or swimming in its seas.

I have loved writing and reading since I was a young boy. I clearly recall my first 'proper' book - the Rat-a-Tat Mystery by Enid Blyton. I was inspired by its story of four children and a dog investigating a mystery in an old house in the snowy hills. Surprisingly, I still have the original copy of the book which I devoured in less than a day as a nine-year-old boy.

It is looking a little frayed at the edges these days but still takes pride of place on my bookshelf and, occasionally, I can't help dipping into it. My family lived in Bude, Cornwall, for some years, where my father was one of the county's early lifeguards. It is often my father and mother's stories of rescues and adventures which are the spark for my stories.

 There are many beautiful places in the world but there is something extra special about swimming and surfing in the Atlantic and strolling along the beaches and cliffs of places like Bude, Perranporth and Newquay. These places set me free.


Away from the sea, I worked as a journalist for several Westcountry daily newspapers before moving into publicity for a major telecoms company where I became the head of regional publicity for England, Scotland and Wales.

I live with my wife Nicola and our dog, a whippet called Patch. In the spring, summer and autumn, I start most days with a swim in a small cove below my house, my only companions being a few other swimmers and the occasional seal!

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hidden depths

On a wild Cornish headland, Catherine Carlyon takes a decision which will change her life forever. She is facing the bleak prospect of years in prison after being sucked into a fraud by a man she thought loved her. Catherine has found a possible way out - to disappear. But disappearing comes at a price. She must abandon her family and everything she holds dear. The greatest challenge of her life is looming, an epic adventure which will take her to her limits and beyond...